Sometimes the best way to help is to tell a story.  I received a note recently that shared the tale of a woman who had struggled through a most challenging year.  Everything about her life was shadowed by loss, caring for ill family members, older parents and the responsibilities of a growing family.  In the midst of it all she received news that her job was on the line.  By January of the New Year she would no longer be employed.  The trauma of dealing with these challenges left the normally active, healthy and happy woman, reeling from the shock.  She no longer knew how to care for herself.  In a matter of months she had gained 30 pounds, became depressed and forgot what the gym or training time looked like.  She needed help but was too intimidated by other diets and plans.  When she sent me the email asking for help I sent her a copy of my new book, one of the first to go out, and we got started.

Life can do that to you.  I know all about it.  What I learned is that resilience is the best coping strategy and most of us have no idea how to be resilient.  Well, I am going to tell you how to do it.  We – you and I – need to be impeccable with ourselves about caring and feeding not only the body but the soul, and the mind.  I have had all of these challenges and more delivered to me in such rapid succession that I didn’t know at times how I was going to make it.  I found the way in and the only way is to make YOU a PRIORITY.  Each day begins and ends with you.  To handle the @#$% life sends you, you have to build yourself to a high point of strength.

The Start Here Diet is that first step.  This books give you the gift of time for yourself.  It’s a story about me and survival but ultimately it is a story about you and your survival and ultimately your triumphs.  This season, bring on your sparkle and shine by loving yourself, a friend, your mom, daughter or coworker.  Everyone knows someone who needs a little help on the way to improving their lifestyle and I want to help you get there.

Here is another chance to win The Start Here Diet for you or for someone treasured.

My best wishes to you all.

In good health for the love of it,


PS.  Our friend who lost her way is now happily taking care of herself, living a new lifestyle, little by little marching toward health and happiness.  She is grateful for her copy of The Start Here Diet.  It helped!

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