If I let myself dream out loud I would be a singer with a voice that could move complete strangers to feel every colour of their emotions. With that voice I would tell people how I feel with the hope that my song would help people feel less alone.


I can only do it with

#12DaysOfGiving Day 8: Believe in YOU

Everywhere everyone is offering holiday tips to stay out of trouble. Well, aren’t the holidays about getting into a bit of trouble? I hope so. I intend to enjoy my wine, Christmas stollen (my brother made it and I can’t resist)  and turkey dinner with gusto. The season of celebration brings that out in me.



#12daysofgiving Day 7: Holiday Entertaining Menu

I love to entertain particularly early in the month of December when the air turns crisp, the snow falls and the holiday season is upon us. My other more selfish reason is to put a timeline on getting ready for the holidays early. I need a reason to decorate, put up the tree and

#12daysofgiving Day 6: Glute Circ-Out

The holidays are a time for all things bright and beautiful, even gorgeous bums. I’m thinking about yours and mine! LOL! Jokes aside, I think a trained and perky bum is everyone’s most stunning decoration and here’s what I am going to be doing to keep mine tight over the holidays.


I have done these

#12daysofgiving Day 5: Maple Syrup Day

Happy National Maple Syrup Day! This natural sweetener is so good for you it requires a Maple Syrup Research Team to capture all the knowledge and who made exciting discoveries about this favourite pancake topping. Lab coated scientists discovered 54 compounds in maple syrup coming from Canada (national pride – for some reason Canadian